James Mastin's monumental public installations celebrate the varied cultures of the Carribbean.  "The Landing", Abaco, The Bahamas is a National Monument; "The Wreckers", Key West, Florida; "Kinetic Fountain", St. Maarten; "Toussaint Louveture", Port au Prince, Haiti.  Each work has become a popular tourist destination.

Wreckers Monument in Key West

The Wreckers - Bronze 18'H
Key West Historical Sculpture Garden - Dedicated to the Wreckers of the 19th century - opened September 1997

The Landing
Bronze 16'H

Loyalist Sculpture Garden, Green Turle Cay, Abaco, The Bahamas

National Monument to the Early Settlers dedicated in November 1987

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Kinetic Ship Fountain - Copper/Brass 33'H
Pelican Resort and Casino, St. Maarten, the Carribean - opened 1987

Henry Flagler
Bronze Life-sized

Henry Flagler Museum, Key West, FL

Dedicated 1999

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Toussaint Louveture
Bronze 9'H

Port au Prince, Haiti

Unveiled 2000

Toussaint Louveture Bust
Bronze 36"H

Tomb of Toussaint Louveture in France

Dedicated 2000

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Bronze 12'H

Miami, Florida

Unveiled 1998

Reflections of Hope
Stainless Steel with Stone/Water/Light 36'H x 76'Dia


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Haitian Revolutionary Soldiers

Bronze 12'H

Savannah, Georgia

Unveiled 2007